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Offering top quality theatrical and screen experiences where every student gets a go!

Action Drama Studio is a non-hierarchical school that focuses on building both performance and interpersonal skills through our engaging, student centred programs.

Our Programs

Acting for Stage (Theatre)

Our signature program with a strong focus on storytelling through voice, physicality and character.

Acting for Screen & Film Production

An action-packed program giving students unique experience both infront and behind the camera.

Act, Dance, Sing
(Music Theatre)

A taste of musical theatre in a fast paced program focusing on storytelling through voice and body.

Leaders in Performing Arts education across Melbourne’s North East for over a decade

This experience has allowed us to create a student centred program which sees children learn new skills, build confidence in public speaking and presenting, unlock their creativity and have loads of fun!

Every student gets a go

Forget competition and hierarchy — at ADS we believe in championing each individual student in order to let them shine.

Offering after school acting classes (including weekends) across a range of suburbs including Rosanna, Eltham, Greensborough and Doncaster, ADS prides itself on delivering top quality theatrical experiences where EVERY student gets a go!

Meet our
passionate people!

Suzanne Barr

Founding Director

Jaclyn DeVincentis

Managing Director + Senior Teacher

Stephanie Clark

Assistant Manager + Senior Teacher

Johnathon White

Screen Coordinator + Senior Teacher

Sam Coats

Dance Coordinator + Act, Dance, Sing Teacher

Joel Armour

Singing Coordinator + Act, Dance, Sing Teacher

Candice Sweetman

Acting for Stage Teacher

Laura Morrisby

Acting for Stage Teacher

Olivia Morison

Act Dance Sing Teacher

Obed Wallis

Act, Dance, SingActing for Screen Teacher

Alice Albon

Acting for Screen Teacher

Belle Broadbent

Acting for Screen Teacher

ADS HQ Rosanna
40-42 Beetham Parade
Rosanna VIC 3084

Monday to Thursday
9am till 3pm
Office — (03) 9090 7715
Office mobile — +61 497 952 722